Offshore Development Center for Medical Devices SAAS start-up

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The point at issue :

The client had their data scattered in multiple data sources. This resulted in poor metadata visibility and governance. As a result, there was a gap in oversight over data and its usage in data analytics.

The client desired to move their data from silos and instead develop a single hub of records to manage data from all sources. They intended the platform to be responsible for the creation of an Analytics and Visualisation layer for the end users while being compliant with Global regulatory requirements.

The Solution:

Archimedis Digital proposed the implementation of an offshore development center that would learn, shadow, and lead as a virtual extension of the client product team.


  • Establishing Requirements: The initial phase began with sourcing data from data sources that included respective producers of data, users of data, and data environments.
  • Validation: The data fields were matched post-identification to the concerned target system. Additionally, the data required for regulatory regulation were identified. The data was validated to ensure the quality of data import, connections to the analytics layer, attribution model, and fine-tuning.
  • Development and Testing: The development phase included the creation of an analytics layer, appropriate data science models, and dashboards. Data Lake Management and governance were established through a collaborative lab. To ensure that end users were not affected, performance tests from a load perspective were run on the product.

The Impact:

  • Cost Reduction: The offshore development brought down the client’s cost of product development, thereby, giving the client significant savings. The team acted as an extension of the client product team. This enabled company seniors and experts to re-align their focus on the core functionalities.
  • Data Stewardship and Cross-Channel Integration: Metadata governance was set up to provide the business with the ability to intuitively know the data, data quality controls, and tools to enable governance and compliance. Cross-channel integration resulted in swift problem resolutions.
  • Independence from primitive processes: Empowered the client with access to trusted data. Additionally, the offshore center was modified to take a dual identity as both the development center and the helpdesk support per the client’s requirements.
  • Ease of Access & Usability: Integrated and easy-to-view systems to visualize interactions, behavioral data, and customer views. This greatly improved usability and fulfilled analytical & operational needs.

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