Growing Pharma company seeks to converge business functions

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Project Brief:

Archimedis Digital was approached by a pharmaceutical manufacturer known for producing niche generic formulations (developed for highly regulated markets). Undoubtedly, digital systems played an immense role for the client in realizing this objective.

The company looked to amplify its growth by converging business segments like people, processes, and technology under a single platform.


Archimedis Digital proposed the eCapsule solution; designed for niche requirements of life sciences firms. The solution was to be customized to serve specifically as per the client’s needs.


  • Archimedis Digital assigned a team to understand the client’s requirements in detail and the deliverables that would be essential to best serve a solution the client needed.
  • After establishing the deliverables the project scope was designed. To cater to the client’s needs the existing out-of-the-box solution was to be customized as per specification.
  • A custom solution was designed which would function as the integrated platform to streamline business processes and boost productivity.
  • The platform was validated and tested to ensure there were no inaccuracies in the implemented solution. The solution was subjected to installation qualification (IQ) which documented the procedure to install the solution. Secondly, operational qualification (OQ) was carried out by executing scripts to ensure the solution provided was in line with the client’s requirements.
  • Production qualification (PQ) was carried out by the client and assisted by Archimedis Digital to ascertain solution meets the manufacturing processes, equipment, and procedural needs. 
  • Lastly, the end users were then trained and supported as they shifted from native systems to the new platform.


  • Insight: Integration of numerous business operations generated cross-business operation data which gave valuable insight not just into a particular business function but cross-functional impact as well.
  • Integration: eCapsule provided an end-to-end platform for various needs of the firm by bringing business functions together. A 360 overview of the business created a streamlined information flow without reduced dependency on function heads for information and removed the element of human error.
  • Eliminated manual repetitive tasks: eCapsule automated repetitive unproductive tasks such as data entry so the client could refocus on business growth instead of maintenance. This also eliminated manual entry and duplication errors.
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs: eCapsule, with automation of processes, greatly improved efficiency with tasks such as order, inventory, and quote management. This also reduced the costs to maintain IT teams for separate business functions.

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