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Deep domain knowledge, technical expertise, an agile working style, and a value-oriented approach ensure that our projects are results-focused, cost-effective, and aligned with regulatory demands.

Archimedis Digital is your answer, whether you are looking for an one-off service requirement or a long-term strategic partner to shape your organization’s digital transformation.


Our services


Systems and products get released faster when development and operations work together seamlessly. With our DevOps experts, you can design, build and run robust CI/CD pipelines that deliver reliable product outcomes.

Cloud Engineering

Cloud solutions enable business innovation by improving automation, collaboration, data reproducibility, workflow streamlining, and analytics. Our experts facilitate cloud infrastructure and services, creating an agile, scalable, resource- and cost-efficient, on-demand environment.

Testing & Validation

System, process, and software testing & validation are integral to maintaining accuracy, reliability, and integrity. Our proven testing and validation methodology ensures that your processes are compliant with all regulations, priming you for project success.

Cyber Security

Collecting, sharing, and analyzing data is critical to the success of Life Sciences organizations. We provide robust and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to organizations across devices and environments, protecting their data and minimizing cyber risks.

Data Analytics

Data analytics accelerates findings, reveal hidden insights, assesses risks, improves efficiency, and optimizes innovation. Our personalized data analytics solutions help clients enhance process efficiencies and make better business decisions.

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Industry 4.0 (characterized by integrated, autonomous, and self-organizing production systems) helps life sciences firms adopt innovative changes. We partner with companies to help them realize these transformations.

Package COTS/SaaS Implementation

We partner with companies to manage the entire packaged software implementation process, including UI configuration and Integration Points, giving them high value and lowering implementation costs.

Helpdesk/ IT Support

Excellent product support determines client satisfaction, retention, referrals, customer loyalty, and ultimately, profitability. Work with Archimedis Digital to implement innovative service and support strategies to meet customer needs and expectations and provide customer value.