Building Digital Next for Life Sciences organizations


Our Purpose

“We help Life Sciences Companies with Digital Products & Services.”


The Evolution of Archimedis Digital

In 2015, Archimedis Healthcare, our group company, realized the need for a digital business vertical focused on life sciences. Capitalizing on its rich domain and technology expertise , Archimedis successfully developed a digital solution called eCapsule for life sciences businesses to be agile, efficient, and compliant.

Encouraged by clients’ and auditors feedback, we realized Archimedis could similarly empower other life sciences firms to navigate the rapidly-evolving digital landscape. Thus, was born Archimedis Digital.


Setting the tone

Innovation is at the core of everything Archimedis Digital aspires to do. Our technology solutions shape the life sciences industry of tomorrow, without compromising the business needs of our clients today.

At Archimedis Digital, we re-imagine the future with transformative digital capabilities rooted in deep industry expertise. Fuelled by curiosity, we formulate clarity first; and consistency forever.


People-First Organization

Archimedis is a people-first organization that values integrity, quality, competence, and timely delivery of promises.


We empower life sciences firms with digital solutions so they can achieve rapid and sustainable business growth.


We aim to leverage domain and technology expertise to create digital value for our life sciences clients.


We are socially responsible. We deliver exponential value at a highly optimized cost. We celebrate diversity.


A vision to transform lives

Yetram foundation

True to our name (Yetram means upliftment in Tamil), at Yetram Foundation, we aim to mold financially-challenged college students into industry-ready talents. During a 12-week, fully-paid, residential scholarship program, students train in design thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills.

Our team

Meet our team


The milestones of
Our Journey till now


The Start

The birth of the Digital division of Archimedis Healthcare. Designed and implemented an IT Quality Management System.


Our First Success

Designed and Deployed an open source ERP platform with GxP controls and enterprise integration capabilities.


A Turning Point

Designed and Deployed an open source ERP platform with GxP controls and enterprise integration capabilities.


Scaling Up

Expanded technology consulting and service capabilities in the areas of cloud engineering, custom development and DevOps


A Global Story

Delivered a cognitive wellness software product to our first European client


The Road Ahead

Building Yetram Foundation to uplift economically challenged students through job-readiness training Establishing Archimedis Digital as a trusted social firm delivering digital value to clients


Life at Archimedis

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Open positions

Software Tester


Chennai, India

Consultant (Clinical Trials)

4+ years experience

Chennai, India

React JS Developer

5+ years experience

Chennai, India

Corporate Executive(Law)

2+ years experience

Chennai, India

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